About Insteon

After nearly a decade of North American exclusivity, the award-winning, best-selling Insteon home automation range is now available in Australia and New Zealand.

Featuring simple installation and unparalleled reliability for an essentially wire-free system, Insteon is set to become the new standard in efficient and cost effective home and building automation. A selection of plug-in DIY components makes it possible to add wireless control of appliances, lighting and heating / cooling systems without an electrician, and a range of professional inline components are also available for more advanced installations.

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What is Insteon ?

Insteon is an advanced, dual-mesh home automation system that uses both electrical wiring (power lines) and wireless radio-frequency (RF) to communicate.

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How Insteon works

With its simple installation and setup process and reliable communication, Insteon is set to become the industry standard in efficient home and building automation.

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Compare Insteon

There are a number of home automation technologies available in Australia and New Zealand, including X10, ZigBee and Z-Wave. So how does Insteon compare?

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Experience Insteon

Insteon will save money on utility bills and offers the flexibility and dependability to make life more convenient, safe and fun. What will you do with your Insteon home?

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Insteon is the property of SmartLabs Technology (USA) and is protected by international trademarks and patents
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