What is Insteon ?

Insteon is the award winning, most reliable, simple and affordable home automation technology in the world

Insteon adds remote control and automation to lights, appliances and electrical devices of all types. It can be installed easily into new and existing properties, enhancing your lifestyle and allowing you to extract the full potential and efficiency from your home. Insteon is home automation like it should be: reliable, responsive, unobtrusive, cost-effective and simple to install and use.

With Insteon, your lights, appliances, heater, air-con and other electrical devices can operate together to make your home a smart home. You can control your home via the Internet or your smartphone app as well. Trigger scenes and devices via remote control, motion-detection, temperature & the opening or closing of a door/window, or really delve into home automation with fully automated routines.

Insteon is easy

Installation in existing or new homes does not require any new wiring, because Insteon products communicate over powerline wires or they use the airwaves (dual-mesh). Insteon devices never have to deal with network enrolment issues because all Insteon devices have an ID number pre-loaded at the factory—Insteon devices join the network as soon as they're powered up.

Insteon is reliable

Insteon is dual-mesh - signals travel through the air and over electrical wires at the same time. Research shows that error rates are approximately 100 times less likely given this dual-mesh advantage. Insteon is the only home automation technology that has this dual-mesh advantage.

Since every Insteon-compatible device is a repeater, the signal gets stronger the more devices you have in your home to give you unsurpassed reliability. In addition, each Insteon message contains error detection, so lights or appliances turning on accidentally will never happen.

Insteon is fast

Other home automation networks have a noticeable delay when turning on a light or activating an appliance. Insteon messages get through in less than 0.05 seconds - faster than the human eye can detect, so there are no visible delays. Activate an Insteon-compatible controller and the lights turn on instantaneously.

Utilising a unique Statelink technology, a single Insteon signal can activate hundreds or even thousands of devices simultaneously. Other technologies need to send much more data. None can compare with the actual throughput and speed of Insteon.

Insteon is scalable

There is no practical limit to the size of an Insteon network (the theoretical limit is currently 16.7 million devices). Installations with over 400 Insteon devices are very common. One installation is approaching 2,000 devices, all working flawlessly together. Most other networking technologies cannot scale beyond 256 devices.

Insteon is future proof

Insteon's Statelink technology guarantees both forward and backwards compatibility amongst Insteon products, now and in the future. No other networking technology enjoys this advantage.

Insteon is affordable

Insteon is the most price competitive home automation technology on the market.

While other home automation systems extend into the thousands of dollars to install and implement, a complete Insteon-compatible system costs a fraction of its competitors. Insteon can be integrated into any number of products easily and at a very low cost, so it will impact your life a whole lot more than it will impact your wallet.

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